【IFMSA-Japan 理事会からの声明】[Statement] Ongoing Situation in Gaza

In early October 2023, the war broke out between Israel and Hamas. Hamas combatants fired rockets into Israel and stormed southern Israeli cities and towns across the border of the Gaza Strip. This attack led to the killing and injuring of hundreds of soldiers and civilians and taking dozens of hostages. The United Nations stated on October 17th, that a “staggering” 4,200 people have been killed and more than one million have been displaced in 10 days in Israel and the Gaza Strip. Affected people are not limited to soldiers but also include numerous vulnerable children, women, and the elderly.

IFMSA-Japan deplores the killing of citizens in Gaza, Palestine, and Israel. We cannot overlook the killing of innocent people for any reason that is clearly against international humanitarian law. It is intolerable to take away the lives of people who have been living a normal, peaceful life in an instant. No one should be allowed to destroy the daily lives of children, who may have had bright futures ahead of them, or adults, who may have worked hard and built a life.
IFMSA-Japan extends its condolences to all the victims. As future healthcare providers who will work to save many lives, we are saddened that so many lives are being lost in this war everyday. We want to emphasize that all individuals have the right to live safely, free from any violence or oppression. We strongly hope that no further innocent lives get lost in this humanitarian catastrophe and hope that the days of peace will return to the people.

IFMSA-Japan calls for;

  • Emphasizing the need for everyone to know what is happening on the ground and to properly understand the history that led to this situation as a global citizen.
  • Inviting all to share their real-life experience of this situation to gain and spread unbiased information.
  • Requiring a peaceful resolution of this issue and not allowing further sacrifice on the part of both Palestine and Israel.
  • Calling upon the United Nations, humanitarian organizations, and governments to ensure that all humanitarian aid reaches those who are in need. All people should have access to necessary medical care and be able to live safely and healthy.


With lots of love and wishes for peace,





  • 国際社会の一市民として、現地で何が起きているのかを知り、このような事態に至った歴史を正しく理解する必要性が全ての人にあることを強調します。
  • バイアスのない情報を得るため、広めるために、この状況についての実体験を共有するよう、全ての人に求めます。
  • パレスチナとイスラエルの双方ともこれ以上の犠牲を許さず、この問題の平和的解決を要求します。
  • 全ての人々が必要な医療を受けられ、安全で健康に暮らせるべきです。国連、人道支援団体、各国政府に対し、全ての人道的支援を必要な人々に確実に届けるよう求めます。



IFMSA-Japan 理事会